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Naman Staffing are a dedicated business unit of Naman group offering unrivalled services as human resource consultants. By having started our base in India, we’ve expanded overseas to South Asia and UAE as well, and are looking forward to going global. Our main offices are located in Mumbai and Vadodara with the representatives based in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune.

With invaluable insights in various industry verticals, we work to provide customized recruitment solutions to clients depending on their requirements. We have a sourcing team with industry specialism holding a record of finest staffing services to build quality relations by delivering services that fit the industry sectors & varying governance structure. Over the years, we have evolved finest methodology for assessing candidates and examining RIGHT FIT of the candidates with our client organizations.

  • Segment specialization

    To understand the segment-wise position in recruitment solutions, we carry out deep analysis and ethnographic research.

  • Prioritizing our clients

    Incorporation of agile, collaborative and flexible techniques and putting the clients as the priority in all.

  • Assessment of candidates

    With renowned assessment tools & pool of certified experts & behavioural assesors, we assess the candidate capabilities.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Recruitment intervention with automation

    Whether it be searching, conducting candidate’s assessment or interviews, automated algorithm-based search drive is conducted along with the best technology.

  • Process-oriented workflows

    For time-based delivery solutions, a complete SLA based approach is carried throughout the lifecycle of customers.

  • Customization

    We offer the capability of architecting complete customisation on commercials and recruitment solutions to suit different business needs.

About Naman HR : Our Parent Group

Naman” – A traditional Indian way of greeting others with a respectful bow; a gracious form of extending warmth, respect and humility.

With almost two decades of experience and an international footprint, we partner with client companies to effectively utilize Human Capital and achieve a unified goal.

Recognized for our expertise, organizations across sectors have benefited from our unique, targeted solutions that resolve strategic, tactical and operational challenges faced by clients.

We take pride in being recognized for our unsurpassable quality and proficient services to clients across varied industry verticals and business segments.

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